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Iluminarea din spate cu LED-uri a PPD permite un consum mai mic de energie și asigură durabilitate și economii de energie pentru În cadrul panoului LCD viu de 8 inci, cu o strălucire completă și cu luminozitate ridicată, PPD acceptă tehnologia multi-touch capacitivă proiectată, cu 10 puncte, pentru a asigura un răspuns tactil imediat și precis. De înaltă calitate, fiabilitate și durabilitate, Fametech Inc. Oferă funcționalitate duală servită ca afișaj principal sau al 2-lea, economisind în același timp spațiu de lucru la prețuri accesibile. PPD oferă mai multe interfețe, inclusiv VGA, mufă de curent continuu și porturi audio line-in pentru a asigura o conectivitate mai bună.

Changing Image Resolution Overview The visible real world is composed of solid three-dimensional objects, which in turn are composed of smaller elements like molecules, atoms, and particles. When we try to represent this face rapid 600 de inci in two dimensions on a display or in printed form, we do not have the luxury of using the same materials that the objects are made from originally.

Instead, we represent the image using either formulas and graphs vector images or small dots called pixels raster images. Vector and Raster Graphics Water Palace Jal MahalJaipur, India Vector images can be resized infinitely and their size depends on the amount and complexity of detail in it, not on its linear dimensions.

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Digital image resolution does not apply to vector graphics for this face rapid 600 de inci. Raster graphics, on the other hand, have a limited number of pixels to represent the image.

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The file stores information about the linear size of the image, the location of each pixel on the plane, and its color. The smaller the pixels -- the more pixels are fit in the space that the image occupies and the more it appears to have continuous lines.

The top picture looks like a real-life palace, with smooth lines and ample detail. If you step away from the monitor far enough, for example, a few meters away how far depends on your display and how good your vision is you will start seeing the palace again, and stop noticing the pixels that it consists of. Resolution Digital image resolution, or simply resolution as it is usually called, is the amount of dots in the digital image per a given area or distance, such as per inch or centimeter.

In some contexts, such as when talking about the capabilities of displays, this value is sometimes referred to as pixel density. Pixels or dots per inch PPI or ppi and DPI or dpiare usually equivalent, except that ppi refers to pixels on the screen, while dpi refers to dots on the printed media or the number of dots per a given distance or area that a printing device can produce.

It is common face rapid 600 de inci use dpi in both cases, but we will use ppi here to use the correct term for the resolution of digital images.

Even though there are metric equivalents for these units, photographers, graphic designers, publishers and other people across the world in the industry generally use ppi and dpi.

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Width and length can be considered the linear proportions of the image, while the resolution reflects its quality. For example, the size of the first image of the cat in the illustration can be defined as 4 inches by 4 inches with a resolution of 72 ppi. The width and the length of the second image remain unchanged, but the image quality is visibly reduced — we cannot see the details clearly and some of them disappear completely, for example, the whiskers.

When resizing the image, one can also change width and height proportional to resolution, meaning that the resolution will change accordingly.

When you decrease the linear dimensions, the resolution will increase by the same coefficient, and vice versa. For example, let us use the second photograph of the cat as our base image with a size of 4 × 4 inches and 10 ppi. Now, let us reduce the linear dimensions of width and height by half third picture. Now we have all the pixels but twice as little space to distribute them, so this increases our resolution by 2, to 20 ppi.

The smaller image looks clearer. So, while the smaller image looks better, the number of pixels stays the same.

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From this exercise, we can see that if we have an image with a resolution that is too small for our needs, we can decrease the height and the width of the image to get a higher resolution. Yosakoi: Japanese dance festival, Osaka, Japan When an image is used at a smaller or larger size than it was originally captured e. For example, the original resolution in the photo of the dancer is 36 ppi, and the linear dimensions are 5 by 4 inches. Note that we intentionally use low resolution, so that you can see the difference clearly.

The highest resolution used here is face rapid 600 de inci ppi, to ensure that you can see the difference between the images on any display. This is similar to the cat example. While the original resolution was 36 ppi, the effective resolution of the bottom image became 72 ppi.

Saffron flowers, spice garden, Kobe, Japan Resolution and Pixel Dimension While resolution represents the number of pixels per a given unit of space, the pixel dimension is the total amount of pixels in the image. It could also mean the actual height and width of the pixel, such as 0.

Here we consider the former meaning. It is easier to see the number of pixels if we scale down our image to 5 ppi, keeping the linear dimensions unchanged.

As you can see from the bottom illustration, our calculations should give us a 10 × 10 pixels result.

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Sometimes it is more convenient to use pixels instead of centimeters or inches, for example when creating graphics for the Web. Image Resolution for Displays and for the Web Displays Resolution of digital images is usually restricted by the devices that display or print these images. Computer and other displays have a maximum resolution that they can produce. Newspapers, magazines, books and other printed media have to be printed at a specific resolution because of the specifications and limitations of the printers and printing media.

We will discuss printed media later but let us consider the electronic displays and their capabilities, and how this relates to the digital image resolution. In the past most computer displays used up to cum să câștig bani sunt student ppi resolution, and it is still common to use this resolution when designing images for the web or for viewing on a computer display.

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This resolution was chosen because it was believed at the time that at the approximate distance from the screen that most people work at, the eye cannot differentiate between individual pixels at this resolution. The exact value for the resolution that produces this effect is now debated and it appears that this happens at a resolution higher than 72 ppi, but the fact that the effect is face rapid 600 de inci is undisputed.

If we move much closer to the display, we can see the individual pixels, because this effect is distance-dependent. For the same reason, the resolution of the TV displays was even lower, since most people tend to view it at a greater distance than the computer display.

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With the recent popularity of smartphones and tablets, the need for higher display resolution increased, because these devices are viewed at a closer distance. It is currently between and ppi for MacBook Pro, ppi for the iPad, and ppi for the iPhone as of summer There is ongoing debate and research about how accurate this estimate is.

It is generally used by this company in their marketing campaigns, but many other companies are also working on increasing the resolution on their devices. Choosing the Correct Resolution As with all media, when designing images to be viewed on a display, including images for the Web, it is important to choose the correct resolution.

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We could use ppi, the resolution conventionally used for photographs. Pictured is a close-up of a 2 × 2 inches image of the letter A. Do we need this amount of detail when designing for displays or the web?

Will we ever look at this image so close that we could differentiate individual pixels if it is less than ppi? Only some displays can show such high resolution, so high-resolution images will only waste resources on most devices because higher resolution means larger file size.

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Sizes of files with different resolution If we compare the images of the letter A with different resolutions, we will most likely see no difference between the image with ppi, ppi, and 72 ppi, although you may start noticing the difference at 72 ppi if you have a high-resolution display, such as one of the Retina series, or equivalent, or unless we enlarge the image.

When you make graphics for the Web, do keep in mind the size of your files. As you can see from the illustration, while the 72 ppi image 2 × 2 inches long and wide takes up 67 KB, a ppi image is almost double of that. When you increase the image width and height from 2 to 4 inches with ppithe file size increases from KB to KB, and when you increase those to 8 inches, the size becomes KB.

These are just two-color images; if we use a photograph instead at ppi and the dimensions of 8 × 8 inches, the file size inflates to 3.

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This is an especially serious concern if your website is aimed at the international audience, especially in countries where the internet connection is slow or expensive. If you decide to increase the resolution and are certain that this is what you need, then it may be a good idea to ensure that the image size stays low by optimizing the graphics for the web, such as using the RGB, appropriate file format.

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It may be acceptable to use lower quality JPEGs, but you should test the quality first and make sure that it looks good. While the pixel density is a mechanical property of the display that cannot be changed, we can usually select the pixel dimensions.

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This choice would depend on the available options in your Control Panel Windows or System Preferences Macas well as on your needs. The proportions between the length and the height face rapid 600 de inci the display, also called aspect ratio, vary. They are based on the physical properties of the display and the needs of the user, this is why in the example above you can see different options such as an aspect ratio × or ×a ratio × or ×et cetera.

When downloading a wallpaper, one often has a choice of image size.

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Large files require more capacity to store them, more resources to process them, and more bandwidth to upload them. As with displays, each type of media also usually has a limitation on how high of a resolution can be displayed or printed, therefore, to save resources, it is a good idea to use the resolution that is not higher than the media can allow.

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These days digital images are what is used in the print industry the vast majority of time. Photographs are generally taken with digital cameras and film is rarely used; graphic designers more often than not create digital images, and even illustrators and artists often make their art available in digital form for print, by scanning or photographing their work.

A sales associate at a grocery store in Istanbul, Turkey When digital images are being prepared for print it is important to ensure that they have the correct resolution.

If the resolution of the images is too low, they will be pixilated in print, which means that the pixels that the image is made of will be too big and visible, as we saw in numerous examples above. If, on the other hand, the resolution is too large, it may slow down the processing, especially if many images are processed in a batch and the computer is not very powerful.

At the moment the standards for the industry are as follows: Posters: ppi and up. Magazines: ppi and up.

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Photographs: to ppi. Newspapers: to ppi. The resolution requirements for the image would depend on the printer, so it is better to enquire directly about the specifications required and to be prepared to produce an image of ppi or higher, if necessary.

This is usually not a problem with digital photographs, since most modern cameras use large files, either with high resolution or with large pixel length and height, so these images can be resized easily without losing the quality. However, one should take care to select the correct resolution, for example, while scanning images or when purchasing stock images.

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Some printers recommend scanning at ppi if there is text on the page. The resolution will also depend on whether you need to resize your image — the more resizing you require, the higher the resolution needs to be. If you are printing large posters or billboards, you will need to check with your printer what size in inches or pixels and resolution are required.

Generally, if you plan to enlarge your image, you should enlarge the resolution by approximately the same coefficient. Changing Image Resolution Scaling an image down is generally not a problem, but increasing its dimensions using software such as Photoshop will likely produce poor results.

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The file size is, however, equivalent to the original 72 ppi image, even though the quality is lacking. Acest articol a fost scris de către Kateryna Yuri. Poate vă interesează alţi convertori din grupa privind Fotometria — Lumina:.